Composition, sound design & enregistrement


A custom crafted musical score contributes to communicate emotions and tell the story of your project, be it a movie, a commercial or a video game.

Complement to the music, sound effects adds a whole new level of realism to your project and immerse the spectator in it’s world.

A quality recording captures and transposes digitally the intensity of music with all its nuances and subtlety, transmuting the product of your performances into unforgettable musical pieces.

Recent projects
Mortal Host: Days of Enlightenment

Recording, mixing and mastering of the album “Days of Enlightenment” from the band “Mortal Host”. More details on their web page:

Shauit: Apu Peikussiakᵘ

Mastering for the album Shauit: Apu Peikussiakᵘ Apu peikussiakᵘ by Shauit

Abeille Beausoleil Déménage à la Campagne

Recording, mixing and mastering of the album “Abeille Beausoleil Déménage à la Campagne”. You can buy Abeille’s albums on her website. Recording, mixing and mastering of the single “Fêtons les 50 ans du Festival Western de St-Tite!”.