Composition, sound design & enregistrement


A custom crafted musical score contributes to communicate emotions and tell the story of your project, be it a movie, a commercial or a video game.

Music is a major part of an audiovisual project. Because of that, it is essential to have a high quality composition that will fit with the ambiance and tone of the project. Our music, regardless of style or application, is created to make your project engaging and more lively, while complying to the the technical and artistic constraints you may have.

Some mediums, like video games, have some special needs in terms of music like multi-layered sound tracks with variants to pair with the game intensity. Backed by our solid experience in the field, we will be able to deliver you the files you need, when you need them during development.

The array of instruments and techniques that we have on hand allow us to always obtain the sound you are looking for. We also have an extensive knowledge of genres and their distinctive elements. This knowledge is made available to you through our advising services to guide you in choosing the right genre and feel for your project.